Sally Nixon illustrates what girls do when no one is watching

Sally Nixon girls when no one watching-17
Women live in a world in which their appearance is constantly evaluated. Unless they are utterly alone, they rarely have the privilege of not having their physical presentation judged. In Sally Nixon’s illustrations, women don’t know that we can see them. They’re not posing, smiling, or doing ...  View More
March 27, 2017 Jessica

Chris Martin creates sublime fractal flowers from algorithms

Chris Martin fractal flowers-13
A 'fractal' is a geometric pattern that is repeated (iterated) at ever smaller (or larger) scales to produce (self similar) irregular shapes and surfaces that cannot be represented by classical (Euclidean) geometry. Fractals are used especially in computer modeling of irregular patterns and ...  View More
February 21, 2017 Jessica

Green Magic Homes lets you build your own dreamy Hobbit house

Green Magic Homes Hobbit house-6
Ever since the first Lord of the Rings movie came out, people have been fascinated with the concept of having their own 'hobbit home' – a quaint, vaulted house that sits beneath a covering of soil and vegetation. Building your own from scratch, however, could be rather challenging. That's why ...  View More
February 20, 2017 Jessica

Akhil Suhas travels across magical NZ landscapes as Gandalf

Akhil Suhas New Zealand Gandalf Costume-4
If you’re on a road trip through the gorgeous landscapes of New Zealand, who better to guide you than Gandalf? That was the plan for photographer Akhil Suhas, who captured his travels through the country with the beloved Lord of the Rings character. Suhas is a 21-year-old student from India, who ...  View More
February 19, 2017 Jessica
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