WAFFLE POPS: Sweet Combforts colorful tiny waffles on a stick

waffle pops sweet combforts-12
If you love waffles and colorful, decadent desserts, then you're about to be obsessed with these waffle pops. California-based Sweet Combforts has stepped up the street food game with its indulgent treats. Each waffle is dipped in cookie butter, coated in your favorite toppings, and drizzled with ...  View More
May 28, 2017 Jessica

Annie Leibovitz glorious Star Wars covers for Vanity Fair

Star Wars Annie Leibovitz Vanity Fair-18
With the release of every new Star Wars movie comes a sprawling, high fashion photo spread courtesy of Vanity Fair, featuring the latest movie's cast in all of their gritty, space-faring glory. This month's issue will have four different covers photographed by Annie Leibovitz, and they are ...  View More
May 28, 2017 Joshua

MARBLE LIPS are the latest makeup trend taking over Instagram

marble lips beauty trend-13
Marble lips art is the new makeup trend that is popping up all over Instagram with tons of different makeup artists marbling on their pout. Some are making a basic white and gray marble effect, while others are taking it to the next level with colors like purple or blue. The design may look super ...  View More
May 27, 2017 Tiffany

Volkswagen reimagines superheroes as real-life exotic cars

Volkswagen superheroes real-life cars-10
We all know that superheroes like to get around in style, whether it’s Batman’s Batmobile or Captain America’s motorbike. But what if our favorite superheroes from the Marvel and DC universes had to buy their rides in the real world? Volkswagen Motor Parts transformed the biggest heroes from ...  View More
May 27, 2017 Jason

PINK PINEAPPLES are coming to a grocery store near you

Pink pineapples-7
From frosé (that’s frozen rosé) to unicorn foods and merbabe lattes, it’s clear that everything’s prettier in pink. Now, meet the latest ready-for-Instagram food to take on a rosy hue: the pineapple. This new variety of the enzyme-packed fruit has been in the works since 2005, and Del Monte ...  View More
May 26, 2017 Jessica
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