Sally Nixon illustrates what girls do when no one is watching

Sally Nixon girls when no one watching-17
Women live in a world in which their appearance is constantly evaluated. Unless they are utterly alone, they rarely have the privilege of not having their physical presentation judged. In Sally Nixon’s illustrations, women don’t know that we can see them. They’re not posing, smiling, or doing ...  View More
March 27, 2017 Jessica

Pac-Man themed clothing will make people want to gobble you up

Pacman themed clothing-1
The revolutionary video game Pac-Man was first released in Japan way back in 1980. It wasn't long before legions gamers were playing the iconic game in arcades all around the world. To this day it's widely considered as one of the all-time classics not only of its era but in popular culture. ...  View More
March 16, 2017 Jason

L(INKED): Wedding ring tattoos are forever and totally sweet

wedding ring tattoo-4
They say diamonds are forever, but you know what's really forever? Tattoos. There are few things in this world as permanent as getting some ink. And maybe that's why more and more couples are choosing to commemorate their engagements — and weddings — with matching tats. Couples spent an average ...  View More
March 16, 2017 Jason

Hilarious: Japanese T-Shirts with catchphrases in ENGRISH

Japanese T-Shirts in Engrish-13
'Engrish' is a form of English characterized by bad translation from Japanese by someone who is decent at translating vocabulary but has a poor grasp of English grammar. It tends to be a word-by-word literal translation with humorous results for native English speakers. The term 'Engrish' comes from ...  View More
March 13, 2017 Jason
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